FloralDesign Edition

FloralDesign Edition is a publishing house specialized in floristic publications, such as textbooks for florists – professionals and hobbyists. Together with floral designer Gregor Lersch - who teaches floristry worldwide - FloralDesign Edition has created a book program that will provide professionals and hobbyists a wide range of inspirations for their floral design work.

FloralDesign Inspirations

In their book “Sources of Creativity – Ways to Inspirations“, Gregor Lersch and FloralDesign Edition looked into five elements of floral design. The basis of these is that if designers are to deliver creditable design work they must break ground along five distinct paths: botany, craftsmanship, methodology, topik and emotion. Designers revisit each path again and again in varying sequence and intensity – individually, as befits the individual genetic makeup of each person, and this causes causal connections to change, and individual, unique outcomes to emerge. This result is not surprising considering it is individuals who are behind these efforts, individuals with varied knowledge, skills and emotions who must necessarily take a multiplicity of - to an extent even sub-conscious - decisions in a single piece of work.It is precisely at this point that the theory of five design paths is needed, to induce designers on the one hand to become aware of these paths and on the other to encourage them to cover the described ground completely, in order to create a professional, technically impeccable, atmospheric, thematically appropriate, and individual design.
There the specific books do not only want to communicate in theory but always practical know-how with concrete examples.

Botanical Inspirations

Due to their global knowledge of the origin, living conditions and care of flowers and plants floral designers are able to adequately deal with floral materials. The more a florist completes his knowledge of the endless diversity of floral beings, the more complex is his creative scope and the more precise are his decisions.

Methodical Inspirations

There are a lot of universally valid principles of design. They serve on the one hand to make the creative work more traceable while we agree on common, universally valid criteria. On the other hand they augment the creative potential of the designer, the more he knows about them, he can use them. So it is necessary to arrange systematically the relevant principles of the Floral Design and to discover new ones for the floral compositions.

Emotional Inspirations

The personality, spontaneity, socialisation and the emotions of every designer are motivating factors for the realisation of ideas and thus professional aims. As a result, those who are well aware of the reasons for their decisions and behaviour will also be able to use these motivations properly as a source of inspiration.

Technical Inspirations

Thematical Inspirations